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Use images to showcase your business

Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.

Newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane can’t be credited with inventing the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ as no-one knows who first said it, but he might well be the first to have commited it to print in the text of an instructional talk he gave to the Syracuse Advertising Men’s Club, in March 1911.

Whoever invented it though was correct. Visitors to your website are potential customers seeking  information and much of that information will be text-based. But humans are primarily visual creatures and we love images, particularly images with people in them. We seek out faces; we love smiles and we like to see interaction.

Recently two small-business owners approached me requesting head shots. I was happy to oblige but we also discussed ways of using images to draw people into their sites. In this post I’ll discuss one business and in the next post we’ll look at the second one.

Chris teaches ukulele and runs uke workshops. After chatting we thought it would be good to photograph both a private lesson and a workshop so people could get a feel for what happens.

I was able to show that the private lessons, which take place in Chris’s home, are relaxed and fun. No amount of words would be able to convey the connection between student and teacher evident here.

Click on any image to enlarge.

  C and N 11 web  

C and N 8 web  

 C and N 9 web

Likewise the workshops, held at various venues are clearly informal and fun. Potential clients looking at the images could easily imagine themselves being part of such a happy group.

Stib 2 web

Stib 3 web

Stib 7 web

Stib 27 web

Stib 24 web

Stib 1 web

The important thing here is the visual impact of the images. It’s almost impossible not to smile when we see someone smiling. Psychologically we feel happy when we look at happy people and it makes it easier to imagine ourselves being happy in that same scenario. So any apprehension about booking a lesson or a workshop place just melts away. No words required. That’s the power of an image…or several!

If you would like to discuss how to use photography to generate clients then please contact me. 

Action Boy! – Why kids don’t need to sit still.

I’d love some shots of my kids but they would never sit still long enough!

Mothers often say this to me (and not just mothers of boys!)

So here is a story.

Once upon a time, not so long ago…about two weeks actually,  there was a beautiful angelic blonde boy…we’ll call him Action Boy! Action Boy’s mum wanted some nice portrait shots for her walls so off I went to photograph them in their garden on a sunny spring evening. Action Boy had other ideas. He was not very interested in being photographed and preferred to run around shooting zombies with a variety of his prized Nerf Guns. Who can blame him? Sounds much more fun than being photographed right? Especially when you’re six.

And actually I kind of agree with him, because as nice as posed portraits are they don’t really capture the full personality of a child or their parents. So I let Action Boy do his thing and  followed with my camera. He was delighted to show off his football skills, his tree-climbing prowess and his impressive Nerf Gun collection. In fact my favourite shot of the session occurred right here, milliseconds before a foam bullet pinged off my head!

Click on any image to enlarge.

ALB 1 fin web

Action Boy has an Action Dad, who also preferred racing around the garden to posing nicely, so I took full advantage!

ALB32 web    ALB31 web

ALB13 web

And in between we got the shots that mum wanted too.

ALB20 web

ALB22 web

So everyone was happy.

The End.