Another Place

I was so excited to visit Antony Gormley’s installation Another Place recently. I’d travelled up to Liverpool for a friend’s birthday and deliberately booked a hotel overlooking Crosby beach just so I could go to see The Iron Men.

For anyone who has never been, Another Place consists of 100 cast-iron life-size figures, all made from a cast of the artist’s body and each one weighs 650kg! They are all positioned so that they stare out to sea.

Antony Gormley, said that the intention of Another Place was to explore man’s relationship with nature. Although the bodies are naked they are not the idealised heroic bodies of Greek statues. He chose to use his own body, industrially reproduced, positioned to be exposed to light, time and tide and to watch the ocean horizon busy with ships moving man-made items around the planet.

I was completely unprepared for my emotional response to the statues. There is something very poignant about them, especially first thing in the morning when the beach is empty. Later in the day when there are more people around the Iron Men take on different personas, becoming playmates for children who climb on their shoulders, and targets for hen and stag parties who had dressed one up in women’s clothes and a head scarf!

The images here record my initial response to these sculptures. I was limited by time and the fact I only had my pocket camera but I will definitely revisit them in the future.