Headshot Sessions

There are many reasons why you might need a good headshot:

  • Your website
  • For company marketing literature
  • Your social media image (Facebook, LinkedIn etc)
  • University applications
  • Publicity shots
  • Audition shots

A headshot should be a simple thing right? Point, shoot, done!

Hmmm…well, quite a few of my clients, while in a portrait session asked if I could take a ‘nice headshot’ of them while they were with me, because every one they have looks terrible. A few of them showed me and…erm…they were right. Expressions ranged from glazed, to terrified to downright scary!

A headshot in a company brochure, or on our website is often the first glimpse our clients get of us. You know that old saying, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression?‘ well it’s true, and if you look vacant, or glum, or terrified, what is that saying to your potential clients?

So it’s worth putting a bit of thought into a headshot, and making sure you get one which reflects the real you.

Headshot sessions are shorter than portrait sessions and we aim to get two or three really good images which capture ‘you’. I come to you, either at work or at your home and we work on bringing out your natural personality and enthusiasm for your business. It’s low key, not scary and you’ll end up with images that set you apart from your competition.

Environmental portraits (The Super-headshot!)

A good headshot should capture your personality, but a portrait which encompasses a little of your environment is a great way to show potential clients who you really are. Many professions lend themselves to this type of shoot: artists, bakers, mechanics, childminders, carpenters, personal trainers, musicians, shopkeepers…the list is endless.

Your own environment is where you feel most comfortable and in control so it stands to reason that you will feel more confident and relaxed about the photographic process. Also you are rightly proud of your own business and it’s the stage-set of your working life so why not show it off a little?