If you’ve read the ‘This is me’ page you know I take photographs of somethingness, a lovely term which my friend Sarah invented to describe why she liked my portraits!

David Alan Harvey, an American photographer famous for his National Geographic work once said:

Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.

Which is probably the same thing. But I rather like ‘somethingness’.

So what is somethingness?

When you look at photographs of yourself or your family, what is it you wish you could see that isn’t there? Whatever it is you feel is missing is the ‘somethingness’ Sarah spotted. It might be in your husband’s slightly crooked smile or brow crease, your daughter’s head tilt, or your teenage son’s droll eyebrow raise. Somethingness is magical. It draws you in.

You know when you need a headshot for your website, or your company’s annual report? Wouldn’t it be great if clients saw the real you, the person behind the photo, looking back at them? Think about that one thing which attracts you to certain people…I guarantee it’s their very own brand of ‘somethingness’.

Each person is unique, yet so often we all look the same when caught by a camera…stiff, glassy-eyed, apprehensive. All that magical somethingness which makes us who we are disappears the instant someone turns a lens on us.

And that’s where I come in with my magic wand…just kidding, I use a camera like every other photographer, sorry to disappoint you. But I do have the advantage that I am very good at capturing what is real about a person. I knew my people-watching obsession would pay off eventually. So let me capture who you and the people you love really are. Let me capture your somethingness!

And in the interest of full disclosure there will probably be chocolate, or cake involved somewhere in the process…because that’s how I roll.